Media players overview

Server name (location)sort icon Status Start sync End sync
mediaplayerv25n5 (v2.5 #5 - Cambridge Bay) Online
artco1 (v2.0 - Artco 1 -- Cree School - Broken and back in Mtl?) Offline
artco2 (v2.0 - Meshnet Iqaluit) Offline 2h 7h
clacpi (CEFREC in La Paz, Bolivia) Offline
coop1 (In for repairs (from Igloolik Coop) - should be in MTL but where?) Offline
johntest1 (john test v2.5) Offline
koumbit-mp-test (Koumbit's office) Offline
localserver1 (Igloolik High School - moved to KG's office in Igloolik. To be shipped back to MTL.) Offline
localserver2 (Pangnirtung Youth Centre) Offline 22h 5h
localserver3 (Inuksuk High School, Iqaluit) Offline
localserver4 (Pangnirtung High School) Offline
localserver5 (v1.0 - Mtl Office #61) Offline
localserver6 (Iqaluit Public Library - Was it integrated to ATG Meshnet in Iqaluit?) Offline 22h 5h
localserver7 (localserver7 - Pond Inlet - local server #80) Offline 7h 9h
mediaplayer1 (Nanook School, Apex, Iqaluit - Where is it now? Still at Nanook School?) Offline
mediaplayer2 (old meshnet - where is this machine currently?) Offline
mediaplayer3 (Pangnirtung COOP Cable) Offline
mediaplayerv25n1 (v2.5 #1 - Koumbit Office (Spare Parts)) Offline
mediaplayerv25n11 (v2.5 #11 - Skidegate - local server #4103) Offline
mediaplayerv25n2 (v2.5 #2 - Old Massett - local server #87) Offline
mediaplayerv25n3 (v2.5 #3 Arctic Bay) Offline
mediaplayerv25n4 (v2.5 #4 - Taloyoak) Offline
mediaplayerv25n6 (v2.5 #6 - Montreal Cable Setup - local server #91) Offline 18h 9h
mediaplayerv25n7 (v2.5 #7 - Arviat) Offline
mediaplayerv25n8 (v2.5 #8 - Igloolik) Offline 17h 10h